West Village Hair Salon

Set just above and out of sight from New York City’s bustling streets, lead stylist Shaun Surething works magic. Out of his West Village Hair Salon, Shaun specializes in grey hair color management. In addition to grey hair, balayage, and blonde colors transpire uniquely and in abundance. Every haircut one can imagine manifests in his generously spaced, airy, and luxurious boutique hair salon. Seagull Hair Salon firmly cements itself as a West Village institution. Shaun helps shape New York City’s fashion landscape, working with the best. He hosts a stable of clients including stylists, editors, writers, designers, and artists.

Vision | West Village Hair Salon

In the spirit of collaboration, Shaun works to pull the very best and brightest hair talent that our vast city has to offer. He curates the most unique and desirable salon experience that you will ever have. Thriving in this inspiring and creative environment Shaun’s vision is expressed to its fullest every day. Anyone who digs it is welcome to come along for the ride. Shaun establishes his place in New York City as a culture maker, beauty forecaster, and hair genius. He writes for numerous publications. Shaun is the go-to resource for every beauty editor in the city. As a result, Shaun continues to grease the gears that run the scenes of downtown art, music and fashion.

Approach To Hair | West Village Hair Salon

Haircutter and colorist, Shaun approaches color and style with broad strokes and an open mind. He specializes in grey-blending, Balayage highlights, and blondes of all kinds. Additionally, his cutting techniques are largely self-educated. They draw on inspiration from nature, art, and their immediate surroundings. Perspectives shift from one moment to the next. NYC is particular in the way it inspires Shaun. New York provides the juxtaposition of confined natural beauty in the context of urban architecture. When Shaun performs color services, he considers not only the actual color he is applying. Shaun contemplates color’s relationship to skin tones, eyes, and features of individual clients.

Texture Context Presentation | West Village Hair Salon

Hair coloring creates texture where there is none. Conversely, he can amplify what already exists. Shaun enjoys soft, maintenance-free haircuts that boldly contribute to your total look. Shaun’s coloring expertise lies in the structure of colors. This in contrast to what he refers to as the “point-and-shoot” method of traditional hair coloring. Despite the fashion industry’s position, Shaun takes aim to dismantle the illusion that there is an age limit to style. Every woman has the right to self-efficacy when it comes to presentation.

Furthermore, Shaun’s other interests can be found on his blog, where he writes or publishes everything about, but not limited to, hair.