Split ends? Roots? Easy styling tips to make your haircut last longer

May 18, 2018 9:20 pm

Shaun Surething of Seagull Hair Salon in NYC chats about easy styling tips to make your haircut last longer.



Invest in this gadget
One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy between salon visits is to be vigilant about hydrating the cuticle and moisturizing split ends. This means regular deep-conditioning hair masks, nourishing product choices and even changing your home environment: “Sleep with a humidifier in the dry months,” reveals Shaun Surething. “Nothing is going to keep your hair more moisturized than the natural humidity.”

And other top stylists weigh in:

Skip daily shampoos
“Shampoo will dry out the hair, especially the ends,” says Palacios. “It is recommended to go about two to three days in between washes. You can still wet your hair and lightly condition the ends, then rinse. This will help your haircut to last a little longer.”

Bring on the (big) curls
Hairstylist and makeup artist Amanda Shackleton has a trick for improving the appearance of hair that’s desperate for a trim. First, use a wide-barrel curling iron from root to tip. “By giving some bend in the ends and volume at the roots, you disguise the two areas that are hardest hit.” Next, use a conditioning spray to replenish strands while providing hold. Her pick: Rusk Deep Shine Oil Shaping Spray, $19 at sears.com. “It’s not heavy or oily but gives you both hold and sheen.”

Side-sweep your bangs
Bangs can be super-stylish and really frame a face, but when you’re over the look, they can be a hassle to grow out. “My recommendation would be to start pushing them to the side once they hit your eyes,” says Myrna Palacios, a stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. “About two weeks after that, go see your stylist and have he or she start blending the now grown out bangs into your existing haircut. This will help with styling and not looking like you’re actually growing out bangs.”