Shaun SureThing Co-Owner of Seagull Salon NYC in Bustle Mag

May 16, 2018 2:44 pm

Shaun SureThing Co-Owner of Seagull Salon NYC in Bustle Mag


A little bit for winter but just in time for summer Shaun Surething shares his pointers for 11 genius things to do when it’s raining so your hair and makeup stay looking great. It’s been rainy so we figured why not post this now? Seems appropriate.

If your hair wants to frizz up in the rain, go ahead and use it to your advantage. “Let your hair texture work for you: With the right products, wavy and curly hair can actually be optimized during wet weather,” says Shaun SureThing, co-owner of Seagull Salon NYC, in an email to Bustle. “I’ve concocted my own tonics made up of coconut oil and essential oils of bergamot, vetiver, and rose water that I use in humid weather after blow-dry styling to complement the weather rather than fight it.” Genius.

Here are some other tips from this insanely great article FULL of ideas for NYC’s best stylists:

If you find yourself caught in a freak rainstorm, never fear. To save your wave, simply throw hair up in a quick braid, Temur of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger tells me. You can let it down for magically re-waved hair. Or, just leave it braided. “Humidity can actually make braided hairstyles look even better because humid air will make hair more puffy and big, which makes braids look more full,” he says.


If you did apply makeup — even if it was just tinted moisturizer and a touch of mascara — be sure to finish off your handiwork with a setting spray. It’ll help keep your look in place, despite the fact you’ll be walking through a wall of water. It works by creating a barrier between the environment and the makeup, freelance makeup artist Jeannie Giannone tells me.

So really, there’s nothing to worry about when the weather turns bad. You can, with a little effort, have great looking hair and makeup on even the rainiest of days.