Highlights For Grey Hair

March 13, 2019 9:00 pm

Highlights For Grey Hair

Highlights for Grey Hair Salon NYC

Many women wonder what’s right for them and highlights for grey hair can be the answer. Whether you want to cover your grey hair completely, gradually let it settle in or enhance what you have naturally, highlights can be the way. Shaun Surething specialized in managing mature hair. Having aged out of the youth-centric queer nightlife scene in NYC himself, Shaun is no stranger to what it meant to get older and reconcile the way we present ourselves to the world, specifically and our feelings about ourselves in general. Grey hair is just one facet of the way we appear that is subject to time and change.

Stay Cool With Grey Hair

options for grey hair stylist nyc

The way to stay cool with grey hair is neither to embrace it wholly or cover it completely. Grey hair is astonishingly versatile and has many more color options that natural browns or blondes, we just have to get creative and let’s face it; There’s nothing New York City women at a certain age can be if not creative. We get creative with our looks, our language and our jobs every day. It’s the only way to get by in a relentlessly youth-based culture. But more and more, it’s unavoidable that the youths look to us for their style inspiration. We’ve all seen the co-opting of silver, white and grey hair. Clunky art glasses with headscarves, painter’s dresses, and chunky bangles.

So What Are The Options For Grey Hair

Highlights for grey hair salon nyc

The options for grey hair are almost endless. Salt and pepper hair can be lightened in ribbons of sleek silver or even the palest campaign beiges. Hair that is mostly grey can have stark, dark swaths places strategically throughout to make the grey sparkle and pop. A simple tone bump and smoothing treatment can take ten years off of maturing hair.

No matter what you decide to do Shaun Surething is happy to consult with you in his NYC boutique hair salon for free anytime to help you turn your situation around. Even if you’re just looking for a little something new, a little extra… We’re here to help add some flavor.