Haircuts you’ll be asking for in 2018

June 5, 2018 3:43 am

Shaun was recently included in a line up of great talent from around the country to talk about 2018 haircuts.

If 2017 was anything for the hair world, it was the year of multi-colored unicorn hair and loose, delightfully lazy lobs, courtesy of the awesome advancements in color technology, as well as the prominent desire to have a fun, not-quite-short, not-quite-long style. Braids were also everywhere, as were pixie cuts adopted by usually long-haired celeb lovelies like Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Katie Holmes. To put it simply, 2017 was the year of bold change.


shaggy bob haircut salon downtown nyc 10014


Geometric bowl cuts and asymmetry

Shaun SureThing, co-owner and lead stylist at¬†Seagull hair salon in NYC’s West Village, told me, “2018 will be the year of cutting it all off. Bowl haircuts and strong geometry will dominate styles, as we trend out of the retro-1990s looks that have been making the hair scene for the last few years.”

A geometric cut with an unusual shape is super sexy but it can be high maintenance, since you can’t simply toss it into a ponytail on lazy Sundays and when you don’t have time to deal with doing your hair.¬†Quiles and Fishman also told me that these “modern, geometric haircuts wear like wigs,” which also contributes to the commitment factor and having to maintain the cut on the regular.

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Gender fluidity has become such a powerful, amazing cultural and societal construct in 2018. It will further assert itself in the hairstyles that come to prominence in the next year. SureThing suggests that “styles venturing into mullet territory will be hot for the androgynous set, moving away from Barber-inspired and even militaristic-looking cuts.”

You heard it here first, friends, the mullet may be making a comeback! If a mullet isn’t quite your thing, or you aren’t willing to take that plunge just yet, have no fear. Other androgynous looks are also on the horizon.

These gender-less looks will have both the ’60s and international vibe, as well. “Think soldiers coming home to the ‘Summer of Love’ and deconstructed mod looks from swinging London,” SureThing said.