Shaun's approach to hair cutting is uniquely organic and totally anomalous.
Taking his queues form fine art, fashion and trend forecasting, Shaun is largely self-trained and always createing innovative cuts Acquiring techniques by observation of top stylists, advanced training and ongoing collaborative experimentation with his clientele, Shaun is totally committed to helping define and amplify the unique style of each person who seeks him out.
Based in bold geometry and intuitive de-construction Shaun's hair cuts are tailored to fit the needs of each of his clients and are remarkably wearable with a focus on creating styles that require little to no at home maintenance.
Famous for his Hilarious over-shares and generous advice re: numerology healing, NYC real estate, travel and cultural trends, Shaun's Devotees love him for more than the best haircuts of their lives.

For all kind of haircut ideas and pictures visit the Seagull Tumblr

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224 West 4th Street, Suite #200
NYC, New York 10014




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